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Meet Eva-Dina

Eva-Dina Delgado proudly represents the vibrant 3rd district, which includes diverse neighborhoods like Wicker Park, Bucktown, Humboldt Park, Logan Square, Hermosa, Belmont Cragin, Mont Clare, and Dunning. Since taking office in November 2019, Eva-Dina has been a relentless advocate for our community.

As your State Rep, Eva-Dina is deeply committed to advancing legislation that prioritizes fiscal responsibility, provides relief from skyrocketing property taxes, ensures affordable housing for all, and fights for a cleaner environment. She's been a tireless champion for accessible healthcare and is unwavering in her support for a woman's right to make her own healthcare decisions.

Eva-Dina's expertise in transportation, infrastructure, and sustainable energy reflects her dedication to creating a better future for our state. She uses her experience to fight for equitable and efficient public transportation, infrastructure improvements that benefit all residents, and a shift towards sustainable energy sources that protect our environment.

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Eva-Dina's journey is rooted in public service, advocating for our community's interests. Originally from Texas, she was raised by her mother and father, both public school teachers, and her stepfather, a consumer protection attorney – all of whom instilled a deep sense of public service and justice. Eva-Dina earned her degree in International Relations with a focus on Latin America from Wellesley College and came to Chicago two decades ago to attend DePaul College of Law. Her love for the city has kept her here ever since.


Throughout her career, Eva-Dina has served on the boards of organizations like Lawyers Lend-a-Hand to Youth, which empowers young people through mentorship, and the Saint Anthony Hospital board, a vital safety net hospital serving predominantly Latino and African American communities. She's also lent her expertise to the Chicago Police Board, working to ensure our city's law enforcement is accountable and responsive to our community's needs.


Eva-Dina sums up her mission, saying, "Thanks to my career experiences, I've dedicated myself to issues in transportation, infrastructure, and energy. These areas are fundamental to improving the quality of life for the people in the district I proudly represent."


Join us in supporting Eva-Dina Delgado, a champion for representing people and a dedicated advocate for the 3rd district!

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